About Us

Who We Are?

Our skilled legal team consists of thoroughbred lawyers and legal consultants who boast highly sought after experience of handling contentious and non-contentious legal matters.

The success of the practice is based on the wealth of knowledge acquired by our lawyers and legal consultants over time by working in the legal field.

Our lawyers know not only the law, they also know where to find the law using both traditional and modern means of research skills to deliver quality services to our clients. Working together as a team, gives our clients the assurance of the quality of services we provide and we are proud of this.

What We Do:

We understand that it is important to be clear about what we do, and about the value that we add to practice at every stage. As such the practice is specialised to the extent that we are not a general practice dealing with day-to-day legal issues but one which has a specific focus on Employment, Immigration & Asylum, Family, Dispute Resolution and Landlord & Tenant law.

We offer contentious and non-contentions legal services in our chosen fields and we are committed to our core values of providing professional excellence, innovative, commitment, effective, efficient and quality legal service to private and corporate clients at a competitive price.